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Kinesis Mobile Personal Fitness Training
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Thank you for stopping by!!

My name is Kirk Woodside and I have studied Kinesiology for over 20 years.

I am continually developing these pages as a means to help the people I meet be able to develop and reach their goals in life, not just physically with their bodies, but mostly in the mind. This is because thought always precedes action unless we are in an instinctual mode of thought. Then our actions are more like a reflex to our immediate environment.

Many people have learned throughout their lives to protect themselves by some sort of 'defense-mechanism' if you will. These mechanisms become addictions whether it be overeating, or simply a call to their inner mind to become 'unconscious' altogether so they do not have to deal with the stress they may face every day (i.e. avoidance).

The key to unlocking your full potential physically has to do with unlocking the aspects of your thought processes that are holding you back.

The 9 part video series below is the first step in understanding the method by which I will be approaching your entire body state: by first dealing with the mind and laying some ground rules...

Press F11 on your computer to get into your "full screen" mode, then center each scene by scrolling and enjoy!



3. EMOTIONS PART 1/6 (9:51)

4. EMOTIONS PART 2/6 (9:59)

5. EMOTIONS PART 3/6 (9:59)

6. EMOTIONS PART 4/6 (9:59)

7. EMOTIONS PART 5/6 (9:46)

8. EMOTIONS PART 6/6 (1:20)


I am glad you were able to watch the series...

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Please call me at 440-382-5573 to arrange your introductory session, I am offering it to you free of charge, as well as every 9th session!!

You can also contact me by email at synrsys AT

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